7-Session Christ Academy course on Servant Leadership

Exploring Leadership is designed to train, certify and consecrate leaders in the church.

Think about this for a moment. New members participate in a one-week Exploring Membership class, and middle school students go through 10 weeks of Confirmation. What’s required of someone to become a leader? How do we identify future leaders?

This course is designed to bring together current lay leadership and emerging young leaders, grounding them in biblical servant leadership practically and theologically.

It starts September 10 and runs through October 29 with a Fall Break in the middle.


Sunday mornings | 11 a.m.-Noon

Asbury-Memphis Classroom


Course of Study

Week 1: September 10

The Vision & Mission of Christ Church (Shane Stanford)

What is the vision for Christ Church? Formally, we state that our vision is to reach the 700,000 people in the Greater Memphis Area who do not have a relationship with Jesus—one transformed life at a time. What does this mean? How does this influence us as leaders? How does it influence us when it comes to making decisions? What is our mission? We say it is to make, mature and mobilize disciples by loving Jesus and loving like Jesus in the world. What do we mean by make, mature and mobilize disciples? What do we mean by love Jesus and love like Jesus in the world?


Week 2: September 17 (with additional Sunday evening session)

The Ministry of Servant Leadership (Chris Widener)


We hear the term servant leadership tossed around in the church. What’s different about leadership and servant leadership? How do we embody servant leadership inside and outside the church? What are the ways we can leverage our leadership in the world so we might influence others to follow Jesus?


Week 3: September 24

Disciples on Mission (Shad Berry)


What is discipleship? What does it look like to live as a disciple on mission? What are practical steps we can take to engage in this critical mission of the church? How do we engage in discipleship in our home, at work and in our neighborhoods? What are some tools we can use to disciple others?


Week 4: October 1

Our Five Values (Scott Lees)

Acts 2:42-47 ends with this statement, “The Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” What did the early church devote itself to that led to this dramatic impact? What are the values at the center of the early church? How do we define those values at Christ Church? How do you as a leader embody these values today?


Fall Break: October 8


Week 5: October 15

Overview of the Bible (Iva May)


A leader without a compass will get people lost. The Bible is our foundation as Christian disciples and servant leaders. We must have a firm grasp of the overarching story of God from creation to redemption to consummation. This lesson will look at the overarching themes of the Bible using a chronological overview that you can remember and apply.


Week 6: October 22

Uniquely You (Scott Lees)

You’ve probably taken dozens of personality profiles, but this particular one created by Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus CEO, provides a simple, direct and memorable profile that helps you understand yourself and others. How has God wired you as a leader? How does the way you are made interact with the way others are made? How can we be stronger together?


Week 7: October 29

The 7 Initiatives (Shane Stanford)

Over the last five years we have defined 7 Initiatives that we have set as ministry priorities that move us toward God’s vision for Christ Church. What are those 7 Initiatives? How did we develop them? How are we moving forward with each of them? Based on your gifts and passions, where can you get involved and lead?